When do I enjoy my Pregnancy?

I have been away from blogland for a while but it was nice catching up with the blogs. Everything seems to go well in everywhere and lots of pregnancy news!

I had my 16 weeks scan on 15 August, 2008. All is well with the baby (measuring right on track, healthy heart beat and everything). But the scan technician managed to freak me out with her comment.

While doing the u/s she told me, ‘oh by the way, make sure you drink a lot of liquid since your amniotic fluid is little less!’

I was like: WTF! What do you mean by little less? Is it dangerously less? Should I take medicine? Should I be on bed rest? Do I have a fracture in my membrane? Am I having early labor?

Then the lady decided to keep her mouth shut! Doesn’t she know these comments could just kill people like me!

I was really mad at her when I saw that in the report she did not mention anything about less Amniotic Fluid, rather she wrote, ‘Amniotic Fluid is adequate!’ Then why the hell did she bother to say things to freak me out like that?

I don’t know at what point of my pregnancy I will feel comfortable sharing the news. Still the number of people who know about it is less than 15 and includes people like my family, CJ’s family and few essential people in my office.

I had a get together with my five closest friends a couple of days ago. We used to be in the same school around 7th grade and we are still very good friends. I was prepared that if they ask me anything about my thick midsection I would tell them the news. But to utter surprise nobody even noticed. May be it is because we had dinner at a dark Italian restaurant and most of the time I was sitting.

Funny thing was that in the table one of my friends declared about the pregnancy of her sister in law and described how she was 16 weeks and nobody could even guess that she was pregnant!

I happen to have some pelvic pressure from yesterday which kind of scares me. It is not severe but there is a saying in our country that “if a cow has ever experienced fire in her farm/barn, she will be scared seeing red clouds in the sky during sun set!” So I am like that cow now, freaking at every little symptoms.


My struggle towards a Fetal Doppler (It would be nice if I did not know about it at all)!

I will definitely blame it on my excessively web browsing and reading other PG ladies blogs. I have never heard of a Fetal Doppler before I started reading some of the blogs. Okay may be I heard but I had no idea that you can have one of them at home – I always thought these are for hospitals only like the ultrasound machines.

So when I realized how everyone (PG ladies) is taking advantage of this wonder of science to put their mind at ease; I also became quite aggressive to get my hands on one.

I have checked with the US based websites and if the price of the Doppler along with Gel is 140 USD then to have it shipped to my country it will be a total of 240 USD!

Then there’s this friend of CJ who was coming from Australia for a visit so we thought may be we could ask him to get one for us so that we could avoid the shipping cost. But since we were not sure when he was coming so we actually ended up calling him on the day he was flying.

He managed to look in to few pharmacies before going to the airport but was told that in Sydney he could either get them from e-shopping or by renting directly from the manufacturer. He didn’t have time for any.

And finally I consoled myself thinking may be I don’t need it now. I am 14w5d today so may be I will be able to feel the baby soon.

So here I am worrying and wondering what’s happening inside me every minute! Well I did something on the day I was 14 week to motivate myself. I brought two new born baby dresses so that finally I start believing in the pregnancy. I actually blushed a lot when the salesman asked if they were for a boy or girl. I got one of each. They are not very cute but at least it was a big start for me.

Everything else is going fine with us by the grace of Almighty. Well except for the fact that I am having weird dreams like my sister running away with a 70 year old chauffer or my brother telling me that he is in love with a street beggar. Worst dreams include having threesome with two fat men (I think I am sex deprived for too long!). These dreams may seem quite funny when I am awake but trust me when I am seeing them it feels so real and scares the hell out of me!