Trying not to be stressed over little things

I really wanted to put some pictures in this post but my ‘extra ordinary’ skills with computer and photo editing has made me not to do that since i don’t know how i can reduce the size of the pictures – they are too big. You see I am still not able to put the only award I got (The Pink Rose Award) on my side bar – I still could not figure out how to do that!

Anyway, lots of things going on in life. But most important is that I have lost two pounds in the last two weeks! Although my doctor did not seem concerned at all but I am as usual paranoid. I am going to have an ultrasound on this Saturday just for the peace of my mind. I just want to know that my baby is growing fine and he has not lost any weight!

Another thing that concerns me these days is that fetal movement has decreased a lot. I still fdo feel movements all day but these are not as intense as before. I am just tired of feeling so stressed about this whole pregnancy – I guess there were only few days when I really enjoyed my pregnancy; most of the days I am like – Oh my God, what if this or that happened to my baby!

On a lighter note, last week I came to live with my parents finally! In our culture usually during pregnancy the girls come to stay with her parents. I was fine where I was staying but my MIL was driving me crazy with her weird advices – I just had to come here away from her nonsense. I am pretty bored at my parent’s house but it does feel good to be in my room after years! Planning to be here for at least two more weeks.

Well, if you haven’t already guessed it then here it goes – Yes I live with my in laws because that is what is normal and accepted here in our part of the world!

For example, I and my husband live with our parents in law (CJ’s mom and dad). My brother and his wife live with my mom and dad. My cousins, friends, colleagues everyone do the same here. There are exceptions but only when the couple has some kind big fight with the in laws or there are any problems like space limitation or something that both the parents and the couple understand that there is no way they can possibly stay together.

It is accepted and a general idea here that the daughters shall stay with her parents until they get married (so if a girl never gets married – she stays with them forever).

Well, whatever the reason is – but I am doing okay now there since it is a big house and everybody has their own privacy. I am just glad because we don’t have to pay any rent or not make any food.

But it’s a package deal so I have to hear advices from MIL whenever she sees me. Let me share some here – I am sure you are going to like them 😉

MIL: We need to shave off the baby’s hair within seven days of his birth – otherwise some kind of ghost may bother him!

Me: Smiling and thinking inside – you insane woman no way I am touching a razor on the baby’s scalp!

MIL: Water is very good for the new born. We must give him water all the time or he will be thirsty!

Me: My doctor is going to kill me if I do that!

There’s more and I know she does not mean any harm and this is how she raised her children but please spare me from all these – it’s 21st Century now!


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  1. Hey, thanks for the update! I’m glad you’re home with your parents and comfortable.

    And I’m glad you’ll have an ultrasound Saturday–I always feel better after I get a chance to see the baby. Hope he picks up on his kicking to give his mom some peace of mind!

    Your MIL sounds very funny. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to listen to all that nonsense all the time!

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