I can’t believe but finally I have made it!!!

Our little baby boy was born on January 19, 2009 at 8:52 pm. His weight was 8 lb 9oz at birth. Although he was brought into the world through an elective c-section on the 39w1d but I don’t regret my decision at all (especially when I look at the size of his head)!

When I went to my doctor the day before he told me that I could actually get admitted the next day and have the c-section, since he thinks waiting beyond 40 weeks is not a good idea for me. We immediately knew that we did not even want to wait until the 40th week. We both were so scared of something going wrong since I could feel less and less movements of the baby and was quite tensed about it.

When we discussed with our parents they were not very happy with our decision but they understood our fear. In my next post I will write about my experience of the c-section. But its time for the picture of our little ‘dude’!

14 hours after birth

14 hours after birth

daddy made some spikes

Spiky BabyLots of hormonal things going on I guess – I feel like crying a lot and actually cried few times over not being able to properly breastfeed the baby.

Breast feeding is not as easy as it looks on TV – I am producing milk and the baby is able to suckle but the total harmonization is still pretty difficult for me.

Things are no more night and day basis – it’s more like two hour/three hour on and off shift within 24 hours.

Custom here is when a baby is born people will come to visit you and see the baby – can you imagine holding a new born with a stitch on your abdomen along with the catheter attached to your lady part (not to forget the bleeding) you have to greet people and say cheese when they take pictures. By people I mean from your neighbor to a colleague with who you hardly talk. It is also very normal in our country that the girl will stay with her parents after the baby is born for few weeks. So now that I am with my parents, they have to make arrangements for 20 peoples dinner every night. I am waiting for all these excitements to be over soon so that I can have some quality time with our little ‘dude’. 


One more week to go!

I wasn’t sick or anything. But I guess that’s what kept me from blogging. It has become a place for me to rant and vent so I usually don’t find anything to update if things are going fine (touch wood)!

During January we are going to the doctor on weekly basis. And in the last appointment my super busy doctor actually told us that he doesn’t want to wait any longer and would like to have the c-section done after 39 weeks (he will let us know the final date on our 39th week appointment).

I was full of mixed feelings. I know there is no apparent medical reason for me to have the surgery yet. The baby is nicely head down and putting a lot of pressure on my pelvis. I don’t have high blood pressure or not diabetic and the reason that I had two early miscarriages before does not seem reason good enough to me to have the c-section.

I understand it is probably safer in countries like ours to have a c-section than a vaginal birth. I know sounds crazy but the reason is most hospitals are not well equipped to do something in case anything goes wrong during the natural birth. But still people are having natural birth here safely in most of the cases and I would really like to be one of them!

CJ is also scared about natural birth since recently two of his colleagues lost their full term babies during natural birth. One was due to cord strangulation and another due to suffocation around 42 weeks. I know these are extreme rare cases but CJ actually asked the doctor if we could have the surgery this week! I was so mad at him! Thank God the doctor refused saying let the baby get more matured as I am doing fine.

I know it’s kind of gross but during pregnancy I felt relieved comparing my lady part with the mouth of an Anaconda. As I have watched on TV, the snake is actually capable of swallowing something ten times the size of his mouth and how nicely the elastic mouth accommodates the big meal! I know my lady part was not going to do that while getting the baby out (I really wish it did) and most probably end up like something from which a big bullet just came out and it’s gonna hurt like hell. But somehow I am always scared of an incision. I heard from a lot of people that healing from c-section is very difficult and it will have permanent effect on my body like I will never be able to lift anything heavy! God knows how much truth is there because I have been so busy staying pregnant the whole time I just realize now that I did not make any plans or research for the birth!

How nice!