Waiting to get knocked up…

CD 27 today, but I lost track of BBT so it could be anywhere around DPO 10 to 12. I do have few symptoms like I am feeling mildly nauseated after I eat anything (It could be acidity as I am eating outside a lot). I can not keep my eyes open after 9.00 pm; may be because I am too tried from my work. The thing is I am trying not to get too carried away with all these symptoms because I had many symptoms last month as well. The less I anticipate I guess the less I will be hurt if it did not work this cycle. But then again I think it worked (from the symptoms)…..lol my thoughts are back to square 1!

I am going to test on Monday, 19th May if the ugly Lady in Red does not show up by then. The waiting is becoming very hard but I don’t want to test early.

I lost my cell phone few days ago, most likely it was stolen. I was at a family get together where I left the phone somewhere after I spoke to someone and was never able to find it. I am not too much of a phone person; all I care about is that phone should have Bluetooth facilities so that I can connect internet to my laptop at home. The connection provided in the office has a lot of restrictions.

Right now I am using an old Nokia set. So CJ took me to a phone shop yesterday and obviously I did not like what he thought I should get for myself! He recommended Sony Ericsson but I was getting myself confused with whether to buy Nokia E51 or N81, consequently I came home without getting anything.

Later that night I decided it was going to be E51 and I told CJ that I was going to get that very soon.

Suddenly he said, it is going to be a gift from me if you get knocked up this month.

I rolled my eyes and asked what if I don’t get knocked up this month?

Then you stick to your original plan and get it yourself.

Hmmm…..well it is not very unusual between us. We have many gifts set for each other for achieving different milestones. For example he wanted to get me a diamond ring for my last birthday. I was happily pregnant at that time and I suggested I would like to get it when I have the baby. Sad enough I did not get any of them. So I managed to tell him again that I don’t want have it from him unitl I have the baby.

Anyway I am eagerly waiting for Monday and I definitely want CJ to buy me the E51.



Journey to Motherland

Things have changed drastically over the few years in this country. Even before three/four years people here were not very familiar with the Mother’s day or Father’s Day concepts. During the last few years a number of TV and Radio channels were launched and as a result now people are celebrating these occasions nowadays.

So yesterday it was full of mother’s day theme everywhere and I must admit that it made me a little uncomfortable. Few nice guys in my office did something really sweet. In my department there are altogether 6 girls among 35 employees and only one of them has children. Others are mostly unmarried so no question of having children. So what they did was that they got a cake for the lady who has children and there was a little celebration for her as she was the only mom in the whole department. I couldn’t help thinking how things would be if I was a mother by now….sigh!

I think I have messed up this cycle as well. Since I was getting almost same temperature till CD 18; I decided not to take temperature anymore from last Wednesday because it was stressing me a lot. I was also a little reluctant about “having fun” anymore thinking my ovulation is either over or I did not ovulate at all this cycle.

I took temperature yesterday just to check and it definitely jumped at least 0.6 degrees higher than what I got so far. I guess that means I ovulated somewhere between Wednesday to Saturday when I did not bother to “have fun”. Well that still leaves me with a little hope in case I have ovulated on Wednesday but I am preparing myself for a negative this cycle.

I came across this picture in a local website today and I kinda liked it.  

This and That…

We are getting a three day weekend here for the May Day. But considering the heat outside I did not make any plans to go anywhere. Though I badly need to have a vacation (even it is for only 2 or 3 days).

If I consider my work I can definitely say I am not being very productive right now. I am sure it is not only because I am very much pre occupied with the TTC and Pregnancy thingies. There are few issues at work which are bothering all my colleagues and our whole team is not so motivated right at the moment. If we all could go for a vacation somewhere, things would definitely get better.

Due to Olympic in China, they have some modification in the visa process so CJ’s visit has been delayed by a few days. I am quite delighted about it since that means he is going to be with me when I am supposed to be most fertile.

I have decided to hit the beach on the next weekend. The most popular beach in my country is almost 12 hours drive from the capital. If CJ leaves by then I will get few of my friends with me and take a bus to the beach.

Did I ever mention in my blog that I am very lucky when it comes to friendship? For example I am still friends with few of my first grade school mates. I made some great friends through middle school, high school, university and also in the places where I have worked previously.

The other day I got the following message through email from one of my friends:


General Rantings of the Day

Its going to be pretty much venting today…I am upset with a lot of things. I am going to talk about only two now:

My BBT Charting:

It is not going quite well. The first thing in the morning I am doing for the last few days even before I come out of the bed is to take my BBT. And it is 96.9° F EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is ridiculous. I know perfectly why this is happening.

Right now it is summer here and it means a hell lot of summer. It is roughly 40°C outside during the day. This crazy hot weather will continue for at least next couple of months before rainy season starts. Our bed room is air conditioned and CJ prefers to have almost freezing temperature inside the room. Every night after I fall asleep he changes the thermostat and I wake up almost shivering.

I think this is the reason why I am getting 96.9° F everyday which is even below what I guess should be the normal temperature.

My beloved husband CJ:

He is an insensitive monster. Last night suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night and had to witness something that I was quite ready for. CJ was watching porn……AARRGH; I was furious.

Its not that I do not allow my man to watch porn but when we are TTC, I felt it was absolutely inappropriate. He told me later that the way I reacted to this was more like I was a witch doctor beating the shit out of a possessed victim (by victim he meant himself). I just hope I was good enough to get the “bad spirit” out of the “victim”. He said sorry a hundred of times but I am still quite mad at him.

My work:

The picture below should explain how things are at work

I don’t feel like working at all. I am just foolong around all day.

Who says its too late to learn?

Oh okay! So taking BBT was that easy!

I always thought in order to find out BBT you need a special kind of thermometer [especially made for taking ovulation temperature (whatever that is)]. I was pretty sure that kind of instrument was not available in my country.

Since these days I am extremely bored with my TTC life so yesterday I decided to Google a little on taking BBT. And I was amazed to find the following:

Charting your BBTs is really pretty easy. Basically, what you are doing is taking your temperature first thing each day and plotting the temperature on a chart.

So this is it! On my way back home from work I went straight to a medical store and bought a digital thermometer. I know by charting BBT I will only find out that ovulation occurred but that’s not bad I guess. At least I will find out if am ovulating properly.

I took my temperature today morning and it came 96.9. Today is CD5 so I guess that’s alright.

Most probably CJ will be going to China of a couple of days next week from his work. I already miss him and since now I can count like other cool women on the net; I have also figured that I will be CD16 when he would leave. So most probably the most fertile period will be over by then.

I am making a list of things that I am going to ask CJ to bring from China. So far I have came up with the following:

1. Panty Liner (Loads of them, since they are not always available here).

2. Shawls (all colors possible – I am an absolute freak about them, I already have almost all colors but I am sure I do not have all shadesJ).

3. Bra – I could really use some good ones but I am not sure if he will be able to bring the right size.

I am still working on number 4.

So…What’s up?

I am wondering…is it all inside my head or is really happening to me!

As we planned last month, we are now on the TTC boat. After my AF on March 19, I decided to have sex on alternate days from my 10th/12th day.

So we are working on it that way…I should say it is becoming very strenuous for CJ because he thinks it is not at all sexy anymore. He feels like I am asking for money or something like that from him. And the way I start getting into the act is also very unromantic.

Well after he told me this few days ago; I said, “Well now if you are finished with your talking then please get out your pants!”

Poor CJ!

The thing is I have started feeling dizzy since last week, I guess I am quite tired all the time and I also feel that my sense of smell has developed more than usual. That’s weird right! I could not possibly have pregnancy symptoms so early.

I think I am just imagining these symptoms or these are just normal before AF. I am well aware that even to conceive it might take few months, whereas I still have 12 more days to reach my expected period date.

I am at work now and I think I am also peeing a lot more frequently than usual. I am trying not to think about it too much. I don’t want to have my hopes too high. I really don’t wanna get upset if I have my period around the 19/20 of this month.

Damn! This is not very nice.

Here I am

So finally I have started blogging. Well I actually have decided it a long time ago but was not really getting enough time start it. I should also mention that I am little slow with the computer.